As we mentioned at COMFRUT, safety is our number one priority to achieve, We have programs in place tracking all the value chain; farms, harvest, reception, production, packing and distribution processes, providing on line information for all the supply chain and its controls.

Comfrut purpose is to reach our customers with the best quality and freshness. We allow all fruits to ripen until it’s best, just buy freezing the best out of each field, keeping nutrients, flavor and color at its best, “As Fresh As It’s Get’s”

We have fields and growers certified under the scheme of globalgap version 4.0 which is developed with the company NSF - Cmi, Primuslabs and IMO.

We also have a selected group of growers that are certified with the Protocol Tesco nurture with the Cmi company.

Our operation is also under the APL agreement (Clean Production Agreement), which commit us to be proactive on the environmental care.

All stages of the value chain are coordinated under the umbrella of BRC, thereby the entire organization undertakes with the aim of achieving a product that is Safety Always.