COMFRUT is one of the largest Chilean fruit company, growing and packing fresh and frozen fruits.

Our main experience is based on the capability to propose and develop long term fresh and frozen fruit program with our customers.

We are aware that with this purpose, we have built long terms relationships with our costumers delivering safe, quality, and reliability for end users For this reason COMFRUT commit itself on the following:

Safety Always over any other issue safety is our main focus for our customers and our people and environment

Flexible services, tailored to the needs of our customers (tasty, healthy and convenience fruit). Customer Service values and recognizes our current clients, and we are very proud of it

We know that a very competitive environment requires innovation in products and services, we are your best partner

Comfrut deploys the right people, processes, skills and technologies to consistently deliver great service and deliver bottom line results to our customers.

Major milestones

1986: Comfrut S.A. was founded with the purpose to export fresh berries, taking advantage of the excellent conditions of Chilean geography, export development and the opposite season opportunity of the large markets consumers such as United States and Europe.
After having had a successful first season, COMFRUT, looks for other products, with the aim of growing product portfolio, becoming increasingly more interesting and attractive the relationship with our customers.
1988: An Agronomic Department highly qualified, oriented to deliver consulting and training to each of our producers, were progressively incorporated which has meant maintaining a close relationship with the farmers, generating thus a close relationship of cooperation and mutual trust, which we consider very important for the development of our company.
1989: Was decided to venture into the development of frozen products, due to the considerable volumes of production obtained by our producers of raspberry
This development has required the formation of an excellent team, composed of professionals with significant experience in the agro-industrial business, which are led by the partners of the company.
1995: Comfrut acquired the factory Frusur, located in Chillan. Chile. From this moment began a process of constant investment.
1998: Retail Sales starts with ready-to-serve packaging format.
2000: Sales of the company reached 20 million dollars.
2004: With the aim of diversifying the sources of supply and offer more possibilities for mix fruits, COMFRUT start to import fruits from diverse countries. Mangos, pineapples, papayas, melons, peach and others were available in the offer. A strong relations was built with our suppliers.
2005: Comfrut integrates vertically towards the field and starts the production of strawberries in its own field.
2006: Continuing with the previous year starts its own Blueberry field planting
2007: The factory reaches a freezing capacity of 20,000 tons of frozen , 30,000 tons of packaging and 6,000 tons of frozen warehouse.
2008: The production line of frozen peaches is implemented
2009: Looking for maximum automation COMFRUT acquires cutting-edge technology for harvesting, frozen tunnels, laser sorters and packaging machines.
2010: In spite of the great earthquake, Comfrut demonstrated the quality of its staff and its logistics system, achieving 100% meet commitments to customers, delivering service without interruption.
2012: This year sales will reach 75 million dollars. Exporting more than 25,000 tons to the most demanding markets of the world.